Our product line includes high quality silkscreened tees and apparel. We offer low minimums and custom designs.

We are a company who strives to provide an eco-friendly product to our customer. Whenever possible, we utilize soy and citrus based products. We use water-based inks and emulsions instead of solvents. Even though waterbased inks are more difficult to screenprint than Plastisol (polyvinyl chloride (PVC) particles and plasticizer), we believe our earth deserves the extra care. Waterbased inks are made up of water and pigment, and when the water has dried, the pigment will be embedded within the fibers of the shirt, becoming part of the shirt, and resulting in a softer feel to the image.

We also offer a party experience to teach you, our customer, how to create exciting silkscreen products of your own. Each party guest will go home with a fun product that he or she has silkscreened themselves. The process is fun, portable and ensures success. We provide silkscreen stencils that you can select from to create your own personal design. You don't even have to be an artist! You can combine our art stencils, to create beautiful art of your very own.